By Josh Kazinduka

The black man; every fibre of his being worn out by a game of tug of war of which he was not party to, is in crisis. Good bones, Good teeth. The perfect specimen.

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How is it that centuries later he confines himself to these same conceptualizations of his so-called perfect self?

Hyper masculinity, the self-destructive vice that shall forever grip the black man

Hyper masculinity, the self-destructive vice that shall forever grip the black man thrusts him into an unending spiral of internal vacillation, ridding him of self-worth and in turn, compounds the mix up mystification that inevitably disrupts the path to self realization.

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How? How does this happen?

How is the black man not aware of his self-destructive ways?

This I believe, has much to do with the stage at which machismo first rears its head into the brain of the young black male.

From the onset, emotions and feelings are to be suppressed.

This not only rids a young black male of his ability to develop emotional intelligence but in turn rationalizes expressing and releasing any repressed emotion in violent and aggressive ways.

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From the womb, the black man is to be strong, be a breadwinner and show no signs of weakness

From the womb, the black man is to be strong, be a breadwinner and show no signs of weakness.


This self-perpetuating cycle consolidates the ever destructive patriarchy; hurting all prospects of any positive familial nucleus and ridding the black man of the ability to engage in true self realization comfortably.

The already difficult task of self realization is made harder when it arises out of a cognitive dissonance that conflicts and soils the stellar image the black man is meant to assume.

This is analogized beautifully in the arts.

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Shakespeare’s Othello exemplifies my ideas efficiently.

The constant pressure on the black man to prove himself distorts and impairs rational thought which inevitably leads to self-destruction.

Othello battles this on several fronts.

Being rather rarely a black man of his position, strength was the only character trait he had to show.

So much so that it brought about his downfall. He could not fully rationalize and give effect to his emotions, in a perfect example of the perils of compartmentalized intelligence that plague the black man.

Deficiencies in emotional intelligence lead Othello to extremes. Extremes perhaps avoidable by an upbringing that nurtures development of self from the onset that does not seek to destroy one’s true nature to fit one imposed by society.

The constant self-doubt and disbelief in one’s own merits arising out of the inability to accept that you, a black man might not fit traditional molds needs to change.

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That’s why I believe that you, my fellow black man, should set aside the macho, set aside the act and engage in self discovery.

This revolutionary thinking operates as a domino effect.

Coming to terms with individuality, embracing difference and passing this onto future generations will guarantee a reversal of this self-destructive regime and set the black man onto a path to true glory once more.

Writer- Joshua Kazinduka.  Instagram- Mixupmystification
Model- Ian Nene.  Instagram- Ian_Nene
Shot by- Kimty Dennis.  Instagram- Kimtydennis