Rafikis! Can you actually believe that we are almost done with 2017. It seems like just yesterday when we were all chanting “waste his time 2017” lol. The year has literally flown by so fast. I’m so excited about what the new year has to offer but yet so afraid because of all the change that is to come.




Does my dress give you ” Wild wild thoughts ” and “pastors wife’s” vibes at the same time? l actually love this dress, from the ruffled hands to the high slit, to the deep red and the off shoulders. I have been loving off shoulder outfits in 2017 and best believe I will continue to rock them in 2018.

This dress truly represents the brand I wish to portray;  young, mature, elegant with just a touch of sexy.

How did I do?


I’m consoled by a song I learned whilst in the high school choir.

” Change is one of the only things in life that still remains the same, how great that change is here to stay…”

The only constant thing in this life is God’s love.

I digress, today I will share with you 7 ways that I blossomed in 2017.  On the 14th of December I will share 21 lessons I’ve learned before 21. Mark the date please Rafikis! I need you lot to come through with gifts.



In 2017, I purposed to dress better. I purposed to find my own style. I cleared out my wardrobe and invested in new clothes. I also inherited very many clothes from my sister some of which she never even wore. The perks of having an older sister. Love you sissy*

” Look Good, Feel Good”.



That for me involved revamping my blog and starting a YouTube channel. Having an outlet to share my thoughts and my new-found style has been amazing. Writing and creating content for me is so therapeutic. I am sure this must be for me because it has positively impacted every other part of my life.




In order to love or to be loved, one must allow themselves to be vulnerable. In 2017 I broke so many walls and allowed myself to feel things. I allowed my self to feel both romantic and platonic loss. I learned to accept and respect my feelings.


I learned to be very honest with my self.  Through soul-searching, I discovered the things that make me happy and the things that drain me. I strive to constantly remain very honest with my self about how I feel. That way I am able to be more in control of my situation as no one can use what I know against me.



I’ve learned to articulate my feelings boldly and clearly. I’ve learned to stop suffering in silence. When someone wrongs me, I confront them. If something makes me unhappy I raise it. This has meant that I’ve lost very close people in my life because the truth is a painful pill to bear.


I’ve learned to truly appreciate down time. It is important to take care of our mental. Be it taking a holiday, taking social media breaks or going to the beach. I have learned to unwind and I love it. I have learned to truly value my own company. It does get lonely sometimes but I find wholeness within myself.




” Some people trust in mortal men, I’ll put my trust in The Creator cause His records show He’s never failed”

This has been the most important lesson I have learned in 2017, the only constant thing in life, is HIS LOVE FOR ME. Man will fail me, I will fail me but He can never fail me and for that I will trust in Him.



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Till next time Rafikis,

Love and Sunshine.

Shot using the Iphone 8+





I grew up in a christian school and attended a conservative church which meant that I set really high standards in regards to relationships and sex.  I understood at a young age that my body was a temple and that sexuality was one of the greatest gifts from God. I was to guard my body dearly and not present it to every Tom, Dick and Harry that claimed it. A man needed to truly prove his worth in order for me to grant him permission into my pants.



Like many other girls I had this ‘fantasy’ of what my first time would be like. It was to be a special night, a night involving scented candles, red roses, breakfast in bed and a whole load of patience. The aroma of love needed to fill the room, I expected of him to be gentle, caring, understanding and patient with me. The next morning, I would wake up in his arms and he would rap to me. ” When the sun comes out in the morning, when we still cuddling and yawning, I will roll over say, Good morning darling, I had a blast exploring your body”. Camp Mulla fans can relate.

Whether or not this came to pass is a story for another day.



I shared my thoughts with a certain young man and he cautioned me. He accused me of being naive. He said ” Achieng the world today is like a forest, it’s a dangerous place.You cannot afford to be naive, you know what happens to naive girls. They get taken advantage of by Team Mafisi “.  He warned me of all the predators who were eagerly waiting to prowl on naive prey.  Like the big bad wolf who ate little red riding hood and her grandmother whole.


“What big teeth you have, Grandma!” said Little Red Riding Hood. “All the better to eat you with!” growled the wolf pouncing on her.


He claimed that as a man, sometimes his sexual desires overpowered his common sense. He also accused me of watching to many romance movies. He believes that  a man could easily deceive me into thinking that he is the perfect man only to get into my pants. Even if it took him three years! However, as soon as he got what he wanted , he would be gone with the wind! His two cents was that I should wake up and smell the coffee.


Do you agree with him?

Please comment below if you have or have had similar expectations to mine?  If the fantasy remained just that ? or if you did have a happy ending and actually met your prince charming?

This journey led us to the Ololua Nature Trail in Karen.  The reserve is such a beautiful place filled with greenery trees and even a waterfall. It is so inexpensive to visit too. Kenya is a such a beautiful country, I would advise each and every person to plan to visit once in their lives.

Sweeney is so talented, he constantly manages to capture amazing shots under crazy conditions. On this occasion we keep head on with rain, sunshine and ants but still he delivered. Thank you for take on this different adventures with me.

This look was inspired by The Little Red Riding Hood.

How did I do?

Location – Ololua Nature Trail, Karen

Photographer – Sweeney Onchwiri

White Jumpsuit- H&M Canterbury

Maroon skirt- H&M Canterbury

Red Sandal Heels- H&M Canterbury



Other than the heart, I believe the mind is the most powerful tool. Here are 7 ways to train your mind to be effective.

  1. STAY MOTIVATED – Watch an inspirational YouTube video or read a motivational book.

2. GUARD YOUR INNER CIRCLE – Protect the energy around you by staying away from negative and unlucky people.

3. MANIFEST THE LAW OF ATTRACTION – Check out my series on the law of attraction under the advise menu for guidance.

4. PRACTISE GRATITUDE – Always be grateful for what you have! The universe has an interesting way of repaying a grateful heart.

5. BROADEN YOUR INFORMATION CHANNELS –  Interact with people of different genders, ages and walks of life.

6. LOVE TRULY – Be it romantic or platonic love, love truly. There is something so rewarding about loving.

7. LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE- Challenge yourself! Do things that scare you! Live a lot! Live your best life. Self-actualization is one of the most fulfilling things.

This adventure led us to the Nairobi National Railway Museum, if you are a lover of history or antiques I would definitely recommend that you visit the Museum. Or even if you are just looking for a cool place to shoot or hang out.

On this occasion I decided to pair my favourite Ankara top /choker with some ill-fitting jeans and my favorite silver sandal heels. I think Ankara and Denim, looks so beautiful when paired together, it’s like the perfect depiction of the modern-day African Lady.

My top and choker were designed by Demi Munis to wear for a fashion show held by the Kent East African Society.

The denim jeans were ONLY £5 and the Sandal Heels were ONLY £10. Can you believe that all together my outfit cost less than £20?

How did I do?








Can I  just begin by saying I’ve fallen head over hills in heels.  All pun intended.

No seriously, it seems like I have fallen deeper in love with sharing with you on this platform.

Having a young face and being petite often leads people to believe that I am in my early teens.  People therefore do not expect much from me! “What does she know she is just a little girl”? This may not be such a bad thing because it allows me to prove them wrong. However at the end of the day I’m only human.

Luckily for me, my dad reminds me that it is not the the size of the dog that matters but the size of the fight in the dog.

It is not the size of the dog in the fight, it is the size of the fight in the dog.

The fashion industry states that models must be a certain height but look at me O am a short woman doing her thing. I defy the odds by wearing heels in  my shoots. I photograph long!

I am a young woman, intelligent, beautiful, ambitious and talented. I am here  to defy every standard they set for black, short, young faced woman like me.

I digress, this was a special shoot because it called for us to travel out of Nairobi. Our destination were the Ngong Hills. It was not only my first visit to the hills, it was also the first time I shot with @swonchwiri using professional lighting.  The experience was amazing. We shot in the rain and freezing wind!

The higher you go, the cooler it becomes.

My photographer and his assistant went above and beyond for me to get the perfect shots. Thanks guys!

I opted for a black maxi dress I recently got on sale from the Canterbury H&M with black pumps that I got online from Runway and my current black choker from Accessorize.

I decided to go all black with this look with the aim of achieving an elegant look. I was going for the “head over heels on hills’ look.

How did I do?








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Joining University abroad made me realize that I was black and African, prior to that I was just another African in a sea of Africans.
Falling in love with myself was something I had to do to save myself because the world wasn’t showing me that love.

African Queen

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-12 at 21.31.23 (1)

I am black, but comely like the woman in the Songs of Solomon.
When The Architect of life, molded me together,
He shaded me in with his fairest crayola,
You are pretty for a black girl!
His words pierced deep, but not deep enough to rip me off of dignity,
Pierced deep but not deep enough to dethrone me from my seat.

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-12 at 21.31.19 (1)

History takes me back
Look not upon me because I am black, because the sun has looked upon me,
Its rays have penetrated deep through my skin,
My melanin has reacted with H20 to release the richest chocolate paste,
Smothered in Shea butter, my skin glows better than any high-end highlighter.

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-12 at 21.31.25

Like any element of weather,
my thighs are filled with thunder.
#Thick thighs save lives
The stripes on my skin represent my ability to overcome challenges!
And no I am not angry! I am just unapologetically African and unafraid to speak my mind.

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-12 at 21.31.26

Just like a lion, my hair defies gravity,
My kinky mane refuses to be tamed; it is young, wild and loves to be free.
Each coil and curl represents how I overcome the adversity life throws my way,
My hair is my crown, it casts me out as royalty,
I must always keep my chin up, so as not to allow my crown to fall.

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-12 at 21.31.24

My body is a journey, with never-ending curves
Each twist and turn is a representation of all the challenges my ancestors overcame on my behalf.
It curves just right at each point to form the percent shape.
You inject yourself to look like me but only because I am trendy,
You want to love my culture but you refuse to love me too,
Even though imitation is the highest form of flattery,
Tomorrow you would have changed with the trends.
What happens to me when my culture stops being cool enough for you?
Is that the moment I will have to learn to love myself?

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-12 at 21.31.22 (1).jpeg

The blacker the berry ,the sweeter the juice,
The darker the skin, the deeper the roots.
I hope my little sister knows that she’s beautiful,
Black Queen she’s the color of oil,
I know this world has tried to hide your beauty under the soil.

Photography by Ajaya Abalaka

Make up by Moono Shilimi