It’s okay to fall down and lose your spark. Just make sure that when you get back up, you rise the whole damn fire! – Colette Werden

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Every year I hope it snows!  Luckily for me, three months to the end of my degree it snowed! No NOT just politely but in plenty.

I was so excited for the first two days. It was really beautiful to look at but now I’m over it. I could go another 10 years without experiencing the snow and be just fine.

I’m over the winter blues…

Every winter I find myself in a funk where my emotions and energy levels stay low.  All I want to do is stay in bed all day. On the rare occasions I leave the house, I wear the dullest clothes in my closet. I even get upset when I see people dressed in yellow! Like why would you walk around in such bright colours while the atmosphere is sombre?

I digress, here are a few ways I tackle the winter blues.

  • A Hug in a cup – nothing warms my heart like a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream.
  • Rhythms and Blues – listening to Daniel Caesar’s voice helps me get in touch with my emotions.
  • Meditation – I discovered the Headspace app from Sharon Mundia that schedules a meditation session for me each morning.
  • Cuddles – Teddy Jr and Teddy Snr keep me warm at night.
  • Deep conversations with family and friends.
  • Self-Care – Putting more effort into taking care of myself as a woman. Embracing my femininity makes me feel so damn good.
  • Sharing on this platform with you enables me to vent. This is my safe space.
  • Believing the funk will pass and the sun will shine.
  • A Blue Dennis Basso faux fur coat that keeps me warm.



I have had this coat since I joined university but it has never really gotten cold enough for me to wear it. The snowy days provided me the opportunity to rock the coat without looking like a dam fool. I actually inherited the coat from my sister and I must say the quality is great considering that she got it very many years ago.



Shout out to my favourite photographer Stefany Armoni, who braved the negative degrees with me just to get these snow shots. Also, shout out to the Almighty God for protecting me from pneumonia. Considering my toes and legs were literally exposed to the cold! I know! Sorry mum but I figured that this was probably the only chance I’d get to shoot in the snow or in this coat.

In the process of shooting, I may have ruined my favourite heel boots. Ask me why I thought it would be a good idea to where heeled boots in the snow? Anyway we live and we learn plus I’m hoping that some cobbler in Nairobi can fix them. As you already know by now in Wakanda everything is fixable.


I know I’ve been missing for a while now, it’s just the winter blues! I’ll be back once it comes to pass. I promise to pop in once in a while.

Till next time,

Stay warm Rafikis!

Shot by Stef Armoni
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Happy Holidays Rafikis!

Apologies for my silence, I took the last two months off to grow. I needed the time off to work on my craft. Going into the new year I would like to  provide you with even greater content.

I’ve been putting in more effort, time and money to make this blog lit. I’ve also collaborated with other creatives both on the blog and on my YouTube channel to bring you amazing content.

Despite the breather, I hope you didn’t forget me and I promise to do better in 2018.

As for now I thought I’d share with you lessons that I’ll be carrying with me into the new year.


No one can rob you of what truly belongs to you. If something is meant to be for you it will be yours.  If not, it wasn’t meant to be yours in the first place.

Whatever happened over this past year. Be thankful for where it brought you. Where you are is exactly where you are meant to be 🌴🌺


Disappointments are part and parcel of  life.  Don’t sweat the small stuff! Not every situation deserves a reaction from you. With regards to the big stuff, take time off to mourn and heal but thereafter pick yourself up and keep moving. If you are healthy and alive , you are better off than most people.

Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.


Every so often take time off to care for yourself. Be it taking a day off, disengaging from social media, taking a solo trip or even getting your nails done. Purpose to take time off to care for your mental health.


Above all else, guard your heart for everything you do flows from it.

Not every single person that pays you a compliment deserves a place in your heart, choose wisely!

Guard your craft too, as a creative , you must hold your work dear to your heart.


Sounds like common sense, but often we sacrifice for the wrong people and end up hurting the people who would actually ride for us, choose wisely! Be it a platonic or romantic relationship. Choose those who choose you!


It’s important to be honest with yourself about how you feel, about what you need and what you feel you deserve. You must also be honest with others, if someone hurts you tell them how they hurt you! Communicate your emotions.




Rafikis! Can you actually believe that we are almost done with 2017. It seems like just yesterday when we were all chanting “waste his time 2017” lol. The year has literally flown by so fast. I’m so excited about what the new year has to offer but yet so afraid because of all the change that is to come.




Does my dress give you ” Wild wild thoughts ” and “pastors wife’s” vibes at the same time? l actually love this dress, from the ruffled hands to the high slit, to the deep red and the off shoulders. I have been loving off shoulder outfits in 2017 and best believe I will continue to rock them in 2018.

This dress truly represents the brand I wish to portray;  young, mature, elegant with just a touch of sexy.

How did I do?


I’m consoled by a song I learned whilst in the high school choir.

” Change is one of the only things in life that still remains the same, how great that change is here to stay…”

The only constant thing in this life is God’s love.

I digress, today I will share with you 7 ways that I blossomed in 2017.  On the 14th of December I will share 21 lessons I’ve learned before 21. Mark the date please Rafikis! I need you lot to come through with gifts.



In 2017, I purposed to dress better. I purposed to find my own style. I cleared out my wardrobe and invested in new clothes. I also inherited very many clothes from my sister some of which she never even wore. The perks of having an older sister. Love you sissy*

” Look Good, Feel Good”.



That for me involved revamping my blog and starting a YouTube channel. Having an outlet to share my thoughts and my new-found style has been amazing. Writing and creating content for me is so therapeutic. I am sure this must be for me because it has positively impacted every other part of my life.




In order to love or to be loved, one must allow themselves to be vulnerable. In 2017 I broke so many walls and allowed myself to feel things. I allowed my self to feel both romantic and platonic loss. I learned to accept and respect my feelings.


I learned to be very honest with my self.  Through soul-searching, I discovered the things that make me happy and the things that drain me. I strive to constantly remain very honest with my self about how I feel. That way I am able to be more in control of my situation as no one can use what I know against me.



I’ve learned to articulate my feelings boldly and clearly. I’ve learned to stop suffering in silence. When someone wrongs me, I confront them. If something makes me unhappy I raise it. This has meant that I’ve lost very close people in my life because the truth is a painful pill to bear.


I’ve learned to truly appreciate down time. It is important to take care of our mental. Be it taking a holiday, taking social media breaks or going to the beach. I have learned to unwind and I love it. I have learned to truly value my own company. It does get lonely sometimes but I find wholeness within myself.




” Some people trust in mortal men, I’ll put my trust in The Creator cause His records show He’s never failed”

This has been the most important lesson I have learned in 2017, the only constant thing in life, is HIS LOVE FOR ME. Man will fail me, I will fail me but He can never fail me and for that I will trust in Him.



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Till next time Rafikis,

Love and Sunshine.

Shot using the Iphone 8+




Can you guys tell how far out of my comfort zone Stef is pushing me? Before she come on board, I  played it safe with the kind of outfits I posted on here.

But see me now! I was literally rocking a crop top and shorts in this shoot. Granted you may not see the shorts but they were there. Trust me! This is isn’t that kind of blog if you know what I mean.

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Lately, I’ve been thinking deeply about my future. Up until this point everything has been set out for me. Go to school, get a degree, do not get pregnant etc but after I secure that degree in July (God willing) it will be up to me to decide what my next move will be.

I can decide to pursue my education further, decide to begin my law career, decide to elope, or even decide to work on my blog full time.

The future has so much in store for us. I cannot wait to see where I will be in 5 years.

A few days ago, I mentioned to a friend that I felt ready to settle down. By that I don’t mean that I am ready to go off and marry tomorrow, damn I don’t even have a boyfriend yet. I mean that I feel ready to start working on a future with someone with the end goal of marriage.

Her response was priceless…

She was flabbergasted 😲 The poor girl could not understand HOW at barely 21, I could possibly be ready to be with just one man for the rest of my life.

In her opinion I still had so many things to experience as a single woman which I sort of agree with. She also felt that there was need to kiss some more frogs before making the decision to settle on one. I was not taken as back by her views as she was  with my own because I have heard that phenomenon before from several other people.

Over the years I’ve learned the importance of listening. So many people are quick to speak but slow to listen. I think it is such an important virtue which I will pursue further on another date.

After listening to her views, I then reflected on my life and evaluated how two age mates could be at such different head spaces at the same time in their lives.

Then it hit me, I have always been a head of my time. For instance I am only attracted to older lads. I enjoy spending time with people who have experienced more than I have because they challenge me. It is something I have preferred since high school, in fact some of the closest bonds I built while in high school were with my seniors.

It so may be that I went through my rebellion phase before my time. I remember sneaking out to clubs very young.Sorry mum, don’t tell dad. Among other incidents that I will not publicly expose for my own well being.

Even with all that said I’d hate to grow grey hair before my time and so I will aim to live more in the moment. But that for me does not involve kissing several frogs, that is simply just not my portion.

I am also aware that this life has a funny way of humbling us. The future is uncertain hence the best thing you can do is to strive to live your best life, whatever that may mean to you.

Be comfortable in your skin!

Enjoy your own company!

Find your purpose.

If you do not tell the world who you are, it will tell you who you are and that my friend is how death begins. And the worst thing is too feel dead whilst you are still alive.

This shoot took as a few doors down from my house. I have found a new love for street art so much so that the aesthetic of Birmingham makes it my second favorite town in England. London is still number one! But I loved Birmingham because it’s a town that allows people to be, to rebel, to express themselves honestly.

To everyone who is waiting on my YouTube channel, I promise it’s still in the works. Editing videos has proved to be harder than I expected but I promise with time I will get better. Thank you for your continued patience.

Till next time,

Love and Light Rafikis!

Location – Black Griffins Lane
Shot by Stefany Olaka
Outfit details – Mentioned above