Rafikis! Can you actually believe that we are almost done with 2017. It seems like just yesterday when we were all chanting “waste his time 2017” lol. The year has literally flown by so fast. I’m so excited about what the new year has to offer but yet so afraid because of all the change that is to come.




Does my dress give you ” Wild wild thoughts ” and “pastors wife’s” vibes at the same time? l actually love this dress, from the ruffled hands to the high slit, to the deep red and the off shoulders. I have been loving off shoulder outfits in 2017 and best believe I will continue to rock them in 2018.

This dress truly represents the brand I wish to portray;  young, mature, elegant with just a touch of sexy.

How did I do?


I’m consoled by a song I learned whilst in the high school choir.

” Change is one of the only things in life that still remains the same, how great that change is here to stay…”

The only constant thing in this life is God’s love.

I digress, today I will share with you 7 ways that I blossomed in 2017.  On the 14th of December I will share 21 lessons I’ve learned before 21. Mark the date please Rafikis! I need you lot to come through with gifts.



In 2017, I purposed to dress better. I purposed to find my own style. I cleared out my wardrobe and invested in new clothes. I also inherited very many clothes from my sister some of which she never even wore. The perks of having an older sister. Love you sissy*

” Look Good, Feel Good”.



That for me involved revamping my blog and starting a YouTube channel. Having an outlet to share my thoughts and my new-found style has been amazing. Writing and creating content for me is so therapeutic. I am sure this must be for me because it has positively impacted every other part of my life.




In order to love or to be loved, one must allow themselves to be vulnerable. In 2017 I broke so many walls and allowed myself to feel things. I allowed my self to feel both romantic and platonic loss. I learned to accept and respect my feelings.


I learned to be very honest with my self.  Through soul-searching, I discovered the things that make me happy and the things that drain me. I strive to constantly remain very honest with my self about how I feel. That way I am able to be more in control of my situation as no one can use what I know against me.



I’ve learned to articulate my feelings boldly and clearly. I’ve learned to stop suffering in silence. When someone wrongs me, I confront them. If something makes me unhappy I raise it. This has meant that I’ve lost very close people in my life because the truth is a painful pill to bear.


I’ve learned to truly appreciate down time. It is important to take care of our mental. Be it taking a holiday, taking social media breaks or going to the beach. I have learned to unwind and I love it. I have learned to truly value my own company. It does get lonely sometimes but I find wholeness within myself.




” Some people trust in mortal men, I’ll put my trust in The Creator cause His records show He’s never failed”

This has been the most important lesson I have learned in 2017, the only constant thing in life, is HIS LOVE FOR ME. Man will fail me, I will fail me but He can never fail me and for that I will trust in Him.



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Till next time Rafikis,

Love and Sunshine.

Shot using the Iphone 8+




I walk by past this amazing tar black wall every other day.

The wall is so pigmented, It’s really such a beautiful wall. I smell petrol when I walk past this wall, that’s how richly black this wall is.

I’ve always wanted to shoot at this wall and finally Stef and I got around to it.


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Denim Jacket – Borrowed from Stef
Shoes – Primark

The pigment of the wall reminds me of my skin. I was watching a YouTube video and it was about two young black brothers arguing bout their race.

The littlest boy proudly claimed he was ‘brack’ whereas the older brother claimed he was brown. It wasn’t until their dad explained it to them. Their ethnicity was black but the colour of their skin was brown.

If you look closely to some of these pictures, my skin appears to be as black as the walls. The colour has been reflected on to my skin. The two have blended together and I love it.

Have you noticed that I love ankara and denim. It seems like I’m always pairing the two.

How to Ankara and Denim

I got this black and white material from my mama, there wasn’t much of it and so I opted to make a crop top and matching choker. If you are interested in one HMU.

I love pairing this top with white high waisted jeans that I got from a shop in the Nairobi CBD. I spent the less than £10 on these jeans.

I struggle finding a pair of jeans that fits well as I have a small waist and a big posterior.

I know Topshop and Newlook have good fitting jeans but I am not about to spend £40 each on 4 pairs of Jamie jeans when I can get 4 pairs at the same price elsewhere.

Finally I threw on this jean jacket from Stef. Find you a photographer like mine, one who goes above and beyond to get the perfect shot. We actually almost got arrested for terrorism together. I will actually save that story for my YouTube channel.

Love your skin. Love your melanin. Whether you are red, brown, black or yellow. Love your complexion. Stop allowing society to set fair skin as the standard of beauty.

Your skin colour was is not by accident. You were made as you are for a purpose.

Love and Light ☀️


Location – Black Griffins Lane, Canterbury
Shots by – Stefany Olaka