“We don’t go “Natural” We return.

“Natural”, is where it began”.


My only hope is that young black women could learn to love their hair how it grows from their head.

Forget the standards of “good hair”. All hair is beautiful. Love your crown!





It’s okay to fall down and lose your spark. Just make sure that when you get back up, you rise the whole damn fire! – Colette Werden

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Similar Faux Fur Coat – Dennis Basso
 After Dusk Laced Heeled Boots – Backyard shoes
Hoop Earrings –  Primark

Every year I hope it snows!  Luckily for me, three months to the end of my degree it snowed! No NOT just politely but in plenty.

I was so excited for the first two days. It was really beautiful to look at but now I’m over it. I could go another 10 years without experiencing the snow and be just fine.

I’m over the winter blues…

Every winter I find myself in a funk where my emotions and energy levels stay low.  All I want to do is stay in bed all day. On the rare occasions I leave the house, I wear the dullest clothes in my closet. I even get upset when I see people dressed in yellow! Like why would you walk around in such bright colours while the atmosphere is sombre?

I digress, here are a few ways I tackle the winter blues.

  • A Hug in a cup – nothing warms my heart like a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream.
  • Rhythms and Blues – listening to Daniel Caesar’s voice helps me get in touch with my emotions.
  • Meditation – I discovered the Headspace app from Sharon Mundia that schedules a meditation session for me each morning.
  • Cuddles – Teddy Jr and Teddy Snr keep me warm at night.
  • Deep conversations with family and friends.
  • Self-Care – Putting more effort into taking care of myself as a woman. Embracing my femininity makes me feel so damn good.
  • Sharing on this platform with you enables me to vent. This is my safe space.
  • Believing the funk will pass and the sun will shine.
  • A Blue Dennis Basso faux fur coat that keeps me warm.



I have had this coat since I joined university but it has never really gotten cold enough for me to wear it. The snowy days provided me the opportunity to rock the coat without looking like a dam fool. I actually inherited the coat from my sister and I must say the quality is great considering that she got it very many years ago.



Shout out to my favourite photographer Stefany Armoni, who braved the negative degrees with me just to get these snow shots. Also, shout out to the Almighty God for protecting me from pneumonia. Considering my toes and legs were literally exposed to the cold! I know! Sorry mum but I figured that this was probably the only chance I’d get to shoot in the snow or in this coat.

In the process of shooting, I may have ruined my favourite heel boots. Ask me why I thought it would be a good idea to where heeled boots in the snow? Anyway we live and we learn plus I’m hoping that some cobbler in Nairobi can fix them. As you already know by now in Wakanda everything is fixable.


I know I’ve been missing for a while now, it’s just the winter blues! I’ll be back once it comes to pass. I promise to pop in once in a while.

Till next time,

Stay warm Rafikis!

Shot by Stef Armoni
Instagram –  Thegwacvisuals
Tumblr –  thegwac



Nyasuba locs are box braids that were named after a lady called Nyasuba (meaning girl from Suba). Suba is in Homabay County! Yes, my father is from Homabay County which in turn makes me an island girl. So I hope you can understand why I was so excited to try out this hairstyle. Anyway heres my review on getting the locs installed!


LOCATION –  5/10


COST – 2200/= Kshs 

HYGIENE – 5/10

VOLUME- 6/10




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It’s been a while. A month to be exact.

Is it too late for me to wish you a Happy New Year?

Are you still there? Did you miss me?

Hopefully you’ve been keeping up with me on my YouTube channel. I took time off this space to re-evaluate my purpose. I now realise what this platform means to me. Coming onto my blog and re-reading my old post reminds me of why I started blogging in the first place. Unmasking Achieng is my diary, it is my therapy. This is one of the places I find healing. It is also a place where I share my truth with you. To be honest, this is just my way of dealing with all the emotions I face. I’m back for now.

Let’s take stock.


Making: the most of my time in University.  I recognise that this should be the most exciting  season of my life. I am old enough  to do all the things I want to do but still young enough to be free off responsibility.  I would never want to look back at this period with regret.  As my time in Uni comes to an end, I want to milk the most of it.

Eating: better, not as healthy but more regularly. I am no longer waiting to feel hungry to eat but rather pushing my self to eat regular meals.

Drinking: more water. My mum bought me the cutest water bottle and I love it. I try to drink at least a litter and a half day.

Reading:  Her Roots by Lanji Ouko. I have never related to a book as much as I have to Her Roots. She shares her experience as young woman and as an international student. Things that affect me too. Thank you Lanji for sending me the book.

Wanting: to do better, I’m still yet to work on my 2018 vision board.

Playing:  AfroBeats and Gospel concurrently. Some mornings I opt for the word to uplift my spirits, other mornings I opt for AfroBeats to feel energised for the day.

Wasting: money. I really need to do better, this month I must stick to my budget.

Creating: and uploading YouTube videos every Wednesday at 8AM Kenyan time. Subscribe, please!

Wishing: I could see my life in 5 years, just to see if some of the things I’m working so hard and stressing about now are worth it.

Enjoying: being on YouTube, shooting chitchat videos and sharing my experiences on there is so exciting!

Loving: God, and understanding that is only through Him that I can truly love myself and extend that love to others. This valentines I focus on that because singleness is my current state.

Hoping: my life to go as planned. As I graduate from University, I hope that right doors open for me.

Marvelling: at Maleek Berry. For just £16 /2000 kshs/= I got to see Ycee , Burna Boy, Mr. Eazi, Not3s and Eugy at his concert. Berry’s Room might just be my favourite room.

Smelling: like Miss Dior by Christian Dior on special days, and like Shanghai Limited Edition by Victoria’s Secret Bombshell on the regular.

Wearing: my winter coats, day in and out. This British cold is real.

Following: more African bloggers and YouTubers. Truth is we all need each other and there is room on here for all of us to flourish.

Noticing: that vibes are very important. You must guard yourself by ensure that your inner circle is positive. It is always the people we love the most that have the power to hurt us. The enemy is usually within, stay woke.

Knowing: and believing that I do not have to chase what is meant for me.

Feeling: peaceful, I am coming to terms with my reality. Through meditation and prayer I’ve found peace.

Bookmarking: law textbooks and legal articles. Final year of law School does that to you.

Opening: up my mind to new possibilities, ideologies and beliefs. I am just interested in knowing more and understanding people better. The other day I actually went into a freemason museum! I could have never done that before but now I’m braver. I mean I would never go back but still.

Giggling: at Idris Okuneye better known as Bobrisky. His snapchat is hilarious!

Love and light.