Hello Rafikis,

I hope you’ve been keeping well!

I know I’ve been MIA of late but I promise I will be back consistently really soon. This education thing is currently taking up all of my time!

The sun decided to pop up on us, so I’ve decided to pass by as well and spread some light briefly with you.

Who remembers when lace was in fashion?




First of all can we talk about how flattering the colour yellow is on dark skin!

Did you see Queen Bey at Coachella?  Black Girl Magic!


So, I decided to rock this yellow lace dress which I inherited from my sister this weekend. I wore it to church but covered it up with a jacket. If you are Seventh Day Adventist like me, you will know why.

I can’t quite remember where my mother got this material from but I’ll get her to comment down below where she bought it!



I did have to get the dress adjusted by my tailor so that it could fit my body right. What would we actually do without tailors? Could you imagine walking around in ill-fitting clothes? Tailoring is actually such an underrated profession! Shout out to you tailors!

I opted to pair the dress with these beautiful wedges from Aldo shoes which were gifted to me by my sister’s best friend Fiona. Shout out to all my older sisters that gift me with things! I love you ALL!

Look at me dishing out shout outs like I’m on a radio show lol!

Anyway considering how bold the look was already, I thought the nude shoes would be a nice and simple add on.



As for my hair! It is massive right?

I finally got it to look right after using a lot of water and leave in conditioner.  Shout out to Cantu beauty for always getting the job done!  Lol! I promise that was the last shout out for this post.

I was inspired to rock my wig this weekend after watching Love and Hip Hop Miami. Amara rocks the heck out of her Afro, if you know, you know!  I love the idea of rocking my afro (technically it is mine because I paid for it).

I actually haven’t always been a huge fan of this wig (as usual I have a dramatic story behind it), but I’m digging the look now.

COMMENT below if you would like me to share the story and details about the hair!




” Ooh and your hair girl,  Aah Team Natural ka misitu” – Sauti Sol



 Remember to put a smile on somebody’s face this week,

Love and Light, Rafikis!

Till next time!

Auf Wiedersehen




Dungarees and turtle necks are such a tbt, at least for me that is.  Growing up in the 90’s (do 96 borns qualify as 90’s kid) and the early 2000s, dungarees and turtle necks were trending.  I remember my mom making me wear a turtle neck under everything I wore, especially under my church outfits.




I’ve been waiting on the sun, so that I can get back to wearing trendy clothes. I am tired of dressing down to keep warm during the winter.  Therefore, on this day I opted to pair my denim dungaree dress with a rose pink turtle neck, just like we did in the 90’s!

I then completed the look with blue women’s loafers! How did I do?













“We don’t go “Natural” We return.

“Natural”, is where it began”.


My only hope is that young black women could learn to love their hair how it grows from their head.

Forget the standards of “good hair”. All hair is beautiful. Love your crown!





It’s okay to fall down and lose your spark. Just make sure that when you get back up, you rise the whole damn fire! – Colette Werden

Shop this look!

Similar Faux Fur Coat – Dennis Basso
 After Dusk Laced Heeled Boots – Backyard shoes
Hoop Earrings –  Primark

Every year I hope it snows!  Luckily for me, three months to the end of my degree it snowed! No NOT just politely but in plenty.

I was so excited for the first two days. It was really beautiful to look at but now I’m over it. I could go another 10 years without experiencing the snow and be just fine.

I’m over the winter blues…

Every winter I find myself in a funk where my emotions and energy levels stay low.  All I want to do is stay in bed all day. On the rare occasions I leave the house, I wear the dullest clothes in my closet. I even get upset when I see people dressed in yellow! Like why would you walk around in such bright colours while the atmosphere is sombre?

I digress, here are a few ways I tackle the winter blues.

  • A Hug in a cup – nothing warms my heart like a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream.
  • Rhythms and Blues – listening to Daniel Caesar’s voice helps me get in touch with my emotions.
  • Meditation – I discovered the Headspace app from Sharon Mundia that schedules a meditation session for me each morning.
  • Cuddles – Teddy Jr and Teddy Snr keep me warm at night.
  • Deep conversations with family and friends.
  • Self-Care – Putting more effort into taking care of myself as a woman. Embracing my femininity makes me feel so damn good.
  • Sharing on this platform with you enables me to vent. This is my safe space.
  • Believing the funk will pass and the sun will shine.
  • A Blue Dennis Basso faux fur coat that keeps me warm.



I have had this coat since I joined university but it has never really gotten cold enough for me to wear it. The snowy days provided me the opportunity to rock the coat without looking like a dam fool. I actually inherited the coat from my sister and I must say the quality is great considering that she got it very many years ago.



Shout out to my favourite photographer Stefany Armoni, who braved the negative degrees with me just to get these snow shots. Also, shout out to the Almighty God for protecting me from pneumonia. Considering my toes and legs were literally exposed to the cold! I know! Sorry mum but I figured that this was probably the only chance I’d get to shoot in the snow or in this coat.

In the process of shooting, I may have ruined my favourite heel boots. Ask me why I thought it would be a good idea to where heeled boots in the snow? Anyway we live and we learn plus I’m hoping that some cobbler in Nairobi can fix them. As you already know by now in Wakanda everything is fixable.


I know I’ve been missing for a while now, it’s just the winter blues! I’ll be back once it comes to pass. I promise to pop in once in a while.

Till next time,

Stay warm Rafikis!

Shot by Stef Armoni
Instagram –  Thegwacvisuals
Tumblr –  thegwac