Hello Rafikis,

It’s been almost half a year since I took stock!

I know I haven’t really blogged much this year in between securing my degree and figuring life out I lost touch. I lost touch of writing at least for leisure none the less, I do hope that I continue to find healing on this platform and that you continued to be inspired by it.

You can also keep up with me here! I post more often on there.


For now let’s take stock!

— — — —

Admiring: JTO’s Fashion  and her boyfriend Mr Eazi. Their trip to Tuscany was major goals!

Buying: baby clothes!  Baby fever is real, but the cost of tuition is a reason to abstain lol.

Bookmarking: Scholarship and internship opportunities because adulting is real!

Creating: purposeful, and diverse content for both my YouTube and blog,  I will post a video a video every Monday, Wednesday and Friday till the end of July. Please Subscribe here! I will posting on here bi-monthly on a Sunday.

Cooking: in bulk because meal prep saves lives. Actually check out Tayari! Some of my besties started an amazing business, doing just that!

Considering: all my options, my dad always advises me to be open minded.

Deciding: to Let go and Let God!

Disliking: packing! I hate the idea of having to pack and carry all my belongings. If only a muscle man could come and aid this damsel in distress. *cough cough*

Drinking: a lot of Copella Apple and Elderflower  juice! Am I the only person that thinks that juice quenches thirst temporarily only to make you even thirstier after.

Eating: really, really badly, I am literally having chicken everyday because it is a quick fix. It is also cheap, baked and tasty! Do not judge me!

Enjoying: spending time by the beach, if you follow me on instagram you’d know that I’ve found a new love for the beach. Follow me here Unmasking Achieng 

Feeling: mentally better! Taking up meditation has been a real game changer. I’ve learned to find healing in the most peaceful ways.

Following: more Kenyan content creators. If you have a channel or blog and are interested in engaging with other Kenyan content creator hit me up!

Sorting: my life out before move out date.

Getting: better at doing makeup!

Giggling:at some of the things I used to stress about. If it won’t stress you in 5 years don’t spend more than 20 minutes crying about it.

Hearing: a voice in my head, reassuring me that all will be well.

Helping: the girls in South Nyanza by providing them with sanitary towels and empowerment, find out more here

Hoping: God gives me signs, because I know I need His guidance in making crucial decisions.

Knowing: that my life will pan out great! As Kendrick says if ” But if God got us we gon be alright”.

Liking: the progress I’ve made with my instagram feed, finding a theme that works has been tricky but I can finally say I like it now! Check it out here!

Loving: the woman I’ve become, despite all the obstacles life has thrown my way, still I rise!

Looking: to create my own wig in the next few months!

Making: no assumptions about my place in other people’s lives.

Noticing: that life is how you make it and take it. Be still and you will see.

Playing: my summer Afro beats playlist ! Check it out Afro Beats Playlist 2018!

Praying: for the peace of God that surpasses all human understanding.

Pondering: over the past three years! All the crazy things I did. It’s been one amazing journey but the story is still yet to be told.

Reading: We’re going to need more wine by Gabrielle Union. She is such a strong woman! I I fell in love with her character in Being Maryjane too.  I’d encourage every woman to read her book, but be warned her story is intense.

Opening: up my heart to new connections! Saying Yes to New Friends!  Saying Yes to a New Man! (If God so wills)

Snacking: on Walkers Salt and Vinegar Crisps and Twister Ice Cream

Smelling: the coffee, there is more to life than University. The real adulting as now began.

Marvelling: at the fact that I got to see Beyonce and Jayz live. A tick off my imaginary bucket list. Check out that vlog here!

Needingto be careful with my words, there so much power that lies in words. Words can break or make a person.

Thinking: about what re-adjusting back to Nairobae will be like

Waiting: anxiously for the next chapter of my life!

Wanting: to love and live in the moment. I tend to panic a lot about my future but i’m growing to learn that not every experience is meant to last a life time, some of the best things in life are only meant to last a  season.

Wasting: no energy on things that no longer serve me, or people that do not build me.

Watching: Green Calabash on Youtube every Monday and Thursday!

Wearing: my favourite summer outfits, because the sun is a rare commodity!

Wondering: when I’ll finally get to travel! InshAllah I will visit two new countries this year!

Love and light.

Big shout out to Irene Luusa, who took this pictures of me  as part of her school project!

Check out the rest of her work here 

Makeup by Poppy!



Till next time!



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