Hello Rafikis,

I hope you’ve been keeping well!

I know I’ve been MIA of late but I promise I will be back consistently really soon. This education thing is currently taking up all of my time!

The sun decided to pop up on us, so I’ve decided to pass by as well and spread some light briefly with you.

Who remembers when lace was in fashion?




First of all can we talk about how flattering the colour yellow is on dark skin!

Did you see Queen Bey at Coachella?  Black Girl Magic!


So, I decided to rock this yellow lace dress which I inherited from my sister this weekend. I wore it to church but covered it up with a jacket. If you are Seventh Day Adventist like me, you will know why.

I can’t quite remember where my mother got this material from but I’ll get her to comment down below where she bought it!



I did have to get the dress adjusted by my tailor so that it could fit my body right. What would we actually do without tailors? Could you imagine walking around in ill-fitting clothes? Tailoring is actually such an underrated profession! Shout out to you tailors!

I opted to pair the dress with these beautiful wedges from Aldo shoes which were gifted to me by my sister’s best friend Fiona. Shout out to all my older sisters that gift me with things! I love you ALL!

Look at me dishing out shout outs like I’m on a radio show lol!

Anyway considering how bold the look was already, I thought the nude shoes would be a nice and simple add on.



As for my hair! It is massive right?

I finally got it to look right after using a lot of water and leave in conditioner.  Shout out to Cantu beauty for always getting the job done!  Lol! I promise that was the last shout out for this post.

I was inspired to rock my wig this weekend after watching Love and Hip Hop Miami. Amara rocks the heck out of her Afro, if you know, you know!  I love the idea of rocking my afro (technically it is mine because I paid for it).

I actually haven’t always been a huge fan of this wig (as usual I have a dramatic story behind it), but I’m digging the look now.

COMMENT below if you would like me to share the story and details about the hair!




” Ooh and your hair girl,  Aah Team Natural ka misitu” – Sauti Sol



 Remember to put a smile on somebody’s face this week,

Love and Light, Rafikis!

Till next time!

Auf Wiedersehen




  1. Jeddy
    April 16, 2018 / 2:27 pm

    Ha ha. I got the lace from a shop in Deira, Dubai years ago

    • April 16, 2018 / 2:38 pm

      Thanks Mama! What a beautiful piece of material!

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