Did I mention that I am currently back in the U.K. to complete my final year of law school.  I had a superb time whilst on holiday in Nairobi, from spending time with family to interacting with different creatives and working on my blog.

I rediscovered myself by learning , unlearning, mastering and loving myself.



“Unlearn, learn, master yourself and love yourself or else they will define you and that’s a poisonous kind of life. That’s death”   – Ijeoma Umebinyuo



It has been such a pleasure for me to share my beloved city with you on this platform. I love that I was able to take you along to some of my most treasured locations.

Unfortunately or fortunately as with life everything must come to an end. This however is not a good bye but only a see you later. I will definitely still be sharing more of my city with you when I get the opportunity do so.



My city and I are in an abusive long distance relationship, sometimes it does not love me back in the way I need to be loved  but none the less I love my city, Oh yes I do. It is the only home I have ever known. Nairobi will always be my first love irregardless of any other cities I may fall in love with along the way! For that I dedicate this post to her.

In appreciation of her, I opted to embrace her from head to toe. My outfit with the exception of my wig were either made or bought in Nairobi.




On this occasion my team and I (one day I will have a team) opted for the most popular thrift store in Nairobi. We shot at Toi Market! Despite the stares and paranoid sellers it was a really awesome experience.  I will definitely be back to shoot and shop there!


Indian Deep wave wig – Lores Beauty Box by Grace Ajilore
 Customised by – Phoina Beauty
Yellow Kente – Ghana
Play suit – Tailored in Nairobi
Boots- Backyard Shoez, Adlife
Accessories – Toi Market


Do not fret though! This is not the end, it is instead the beginning of a new adventure. Together with Stefany Olaka (plug with the camera) we shall explore Canterbury, London and other parts of the country. From beauty secrets, to life advice I hope you will get to know and love the real me. So do follow me on my social media to get to know me better.

One last thing! Unmasking Achieng will be live on YouTube by the end of the year.


Until next time,

My beloved city.


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