I grew up in a christian school and attended a conservative church which meant that I set really high standards in regards to relationships and sex.  I understood at a young age that my body was a temple and that sexuality was one of the greatest gifts from God. I was to guard my body dearly and not present it to every Tom, Dick and Harry that claimed it. A man needed to truly prove his worth in order for me to grant him permission into my pants.



Like many other girls I had this ‘fantasy’ of what my first time would be like. It was to be a special night, a night involving scented candles, red roses, breakfast in bed and a whole load of patience. The aroma of love needed to fill the room, I expected of him to be gentle, caring, understanding and patient with me. The next morning, I would wake up in his arms and he would rap to me. ” When the sun comes out in the morning, when we still cuddling and yawning, I will roll over say, Good morning darling, I had a blast exploring your body”. Camp Mulla fans can relate.

Whether or not this came to pass is a story for another day.



I shared my thoughts with a certain young man and he cautioned me. He accused me of being naive. He said ” Achieng the world today is like a forest, it’s a dangerous place.You cannot afford to be naive, you know what happens to naive girls. They get taken advantage of by Team Mafisi “.  He warned me of all the predators who were eagerly waiting to prowl on naive prey.  Like the big bad wolf who ate little red riding hood and her grandmother whole.


“What big teeth you have, Grandma!” said Little Red Riding Hood. “All the better to eat you with!” growled the wolf pouncing on her.


He claimed that as a man, sometimes his sexual desires overpowered his common sense. He also accused me of watching to many romance movies. He believes that  a man could easily deceive me into thinking that he is the perfect man only to get into my pants. Even if it took him three years! However, as soon as he got what he wanted , he would be gone with the wind! His two cents was that I should wake up and smell the coffee.


Do you agree with him?

Please comment below if you have or have had similar expectations to mine?  If the fantasy remained just that ? or if you did have a happy ending and actually met your prince charming?

This journey led us to the Ololua Nature Trail in Karen.  The reserve is such a beautiful place filled with greenery trees and even a waterfall. It is so inexpensive to visit too. Kenya is a such a beautiful country, I would advise each and every person to plan to visit once in their lives.

Sweeney is so talented, he constantly manages to capture amazing shots under crazy conditions. On this occasion we keep head on with rain, sunshine and ants but still he delivered. Thank you for take on this different adventures with me.

This look was inspired by The Little Red Riding Hood.

How did I do?

Location – Ololua Nature Trail, Karen

Photographer – Sweeney Onchwiri

White Jumpsuit- H&M Canterbury

Maroon skirt- H&M Canterbury

Red Sandal Heels- H&M Canterbury



  1. September 21, 2017 / 9:46 am

    Your article reminds me of the innumerable lies I encountered as I was about to start my campus life. Such was my fantasy about a romantic adventure with the ‘one’. I remember sharing my fantasy with some male friends who like in your case bashed me, accusing me of watching too many soap operas and comparing ‘Alejandro’ with ‘Kamau’. I believe girls need not be carried away by such nonsensical ideas that they cannot find men or men cannot find them worthy of love and pure bliss. The wait is better.

    • September 27, 2017 / 5:11 pm

      Yes ! I definitely agree, that young women or men should never feel like they have to compromise their standards. At the right time the right partner will come by

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